This is the page for our rom ProjectX which provides better experience than the stock firmware of your device. Our builds are based on Sammy’s OneUI and provides far more features and performance than what your device was shipped with. You can view changelogs here, go to download page for the builds or can join our Telegram groups

About Us

We build customized OneUI builds for better performance along with many features with stability. The stock builds are debloated to remove junk apps from Sammy but we make sure that essentials are not removed in order to make the builds rock solid. We try to replicate as many features as possible from flagship devices and have tastefully applied many performance tweaks. One of our biggest feature is reboot menu options in order to boot to recovery directly from your restart menu. Many of unnecessary security features are removed which cause hit in the performance. All these things are provided in a simple zip file with options to either keep/remove the sammy apps you like.

Supported Devices

We are currently focusing on three vairants of one device that is Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Our build is available for all three variants which are

  • Exynos (G780F)
  • Snapdragon 4G (G780G)
  • Snapdragon 5G (G781B)

We do are looking forward to expand our builds for other device. Do contact us on telegram for more discussion for the same.


ProjectX Features

  • Tastefully debloated so that apps and services doesnt break
  • Custom Bootanimation and Custom Wallpapers
  • Custom Fonts and Emojis
  • Vendor Build prop optimisation

Build Prop Features

  • Multiuser
  • Call Delay Fix
  • Disable Error Checking
  • Increase Jpg quality to 100%
  • Disable Knox
  • wireless display fix
  • Rmm Fix
  • Faster Boot
  • Disabled Built In Error Reporting
  • Time Duration for Wifi Scanning tweaked
  • 3D Render Optimizations
  • Launcher in Memory
  • Save Battery Without Performance Drop
  • Better Signal
  • Adb Fix
  • Improve Audio and Video
  • Better Call Voice Quality
  • Game Settings
  • Emperor Settings
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine Tweaks
  • Better Scrolling
  • Allow Purge of Assets To Free Ram
  • Boot and Shutdown Animation Boost
  • Camera Tweaks Supports Google Camera (Not sure if it works for everyone)
  • Screen Recorder tweaks
  • few more

Floating Feature Tweaks

  • Google Feed Added
  • Super Fast Charging option
  • Samsung Marketing Disabled

CSC Features

  • Volte, Screenshot and many icons in Quick Settings
  • Mobile Data Toggle in Power Off Menu
  • Voice Recording Activated ( It doesnt work in Wifi Calls and that is set by Samsung)
  • 4g icon in status bar replaced with LTE
  • Knox gaurd disabled
  • Real Time Network speed in status bar
  • Camera Shutter Sound Button
  • WIFI calling active
  • Many more csc features

Camera Features

  • Dual Recording Added
  • Auto Focus on all video modes

Custom Features

  • Secure Folder fix
  • Theme Trial patched
  • Screenshot enabled in Secure Apps
  • Quick Reply in lockscreen
  • Private share and secure WIfi fixed
  • QS tils number changer
  • High volume warning removed
  • Rom info in about settings
  • Adaptive Brightness boosted
  • Dual Messenger Patched
  • Modded CallUI
  • Advance Reboot options
  • Outside Mode
  • Safetynet Module Pre-installed
  • Magisk Pre-installed

Security Features Removed

  • Legacy Fonts Fix
  • Bluetooth Pairing on reboot fixed
  • Liboemcryto patched for streaming apps to work ( still l3)
  • Disabled Samsung Services
  • No encryption applied
  • No Boot Unlock Warning( EXY only)

Types of Builds

Public Builds

  • The public are the builds that are free to use and can be downloaded from our drive directly
  • Public builds though enjoy the features therein paid builds but we tend to release them once in two months.
  • Public Builds users don’t enjoy the priority benefit provided to paid users.

Paid Builds

  • Paid builds enjoy the newest features early than public builds
  • Public builds get updated whenever we add a new feature to them as well as they are usually scheduled for every month.
  • Paid builds also have Lite builds which are extremely debloated and provided a better and smoother experience than the public builds