ProjectX Features

  • Tastefully debloated so that apps and services doesnt break
  • Custom Bootanimation and Custom Wallpapers
  • Custom Fonts and Emojis
  • Vendor Build prop optimisation

Build Prop Features

  • Multiuser
  • Call Delay Fix
  • Disable Error Checking
  • Increase Jpg quality to 100%
  • Disable Knox
  • wireless display fix
  • Rmm Fix
  • Faster Boot
  • Disabled Built In Error Reporting
  • Time Duration for Wifi Scanning tweaked
  • 3D Render Optimizations
  • Launcher in Memory
  • Save Battery Without Performance Drop
  • Better Signal
  • Adb Fix
  • Improve Audio and Video
  • Better Call Voice Quality
  • Game Settings
  • Emperor Settings
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine Tweaks
  • Better Scrolling
  • Allow Purge of Assets To Free Ram
  • Boot and Shutdown Animation Boost
  • Camera Tweaks Supports Google Camera (Not sure if it works for everyone)
  • Screen Recorder tweaks
  • few more

Floating Feature Tweaks

  • Google Feed Added
  • Super Fast Charging option
  • Samsung Marketing Disabled

CSC Features

  • Volte, Screenshot and many icons in Quick Settings
  • Mobile Data Toggle in Power Off Menu
  • Voice Recording Activated ( It doesnt work in Wifi Calls and that is set by Samsung)
  • 4g icon in status bar replaced with LTE
  • Knox gaurd disabled
  • Real Time Network speed in status bar
  • Camera Shutter Sound Button
  • WIFI calling active
  • Many more csc features

Camera Features

  • Dual Recording Added
  • Auto Focus on all video modes

Custom Features

  • Secure Folder fix
  • Theme Trial patched
  • Screenshot enabled in Secure Apps
  • Quick Reply in lockscreen
  • Private share and secure WIfi fixed
  • QS tils number changer
  • High volume warning removed
  • Rom info in about settings
  • Adaptive Brightness boosted
  • Dual Messenger Patched
  • Modded CallUI
  • Advance Reboot options
  • Outside Mode
  • Safetynet Module Pre-installed
  • Magisk Pre-installed

Security Features Removed

  • Legacy Fonts Fix
  • Bluetooth Pairing on reboot fixed
  • Liboemcryto patched for streaming apps to work ( still l3)
  • Disabled Samsung Services
  • No encryption applied
  • No Boot Unlock Warning( EXY only)